Damp, in the context of a survey, is a term that has come to mean unwanted, or free moisture effecting the fabric of a property.

Water brings life. We need it. Unfortunately, fungus and insects also thrive in water. While a damp wall can cause decoration to spoil, it is not the moisture, but the life it brings that causes the greatest concern in the home environment.

The frequency of diagnose damp issues in February ’21, London:

GroundwaterRising damp0%
RainPenetrating damp42%
Mains / waste waterLeaks12%
VapourCondensation & mould77%
Hygroscopic salts15%

Clearly many properties have more than one symptom and source of moisture. Most, but not all properties with hygroscopic salts also suffered from condensation.

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Damp survey tools

Rising damp risk assessment tool, Leak test using mains water meter, Laser thermometer, Anemometer, Protimeter damp meter, Carbon dioxide datalogger, Humidity datalogger, Monopole camera extender, Metal detector, Infra-red camera, Agar gel, Nitrate tester, Kettle, “It’s not the tools that you have faith in – tools are just tools. They work, or they don’t work. It’s people you have faith …

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Damp survey

RICS nor PCA teach surveyors to test damp; holistically, using a root cause approach, based on evidence, against British Geological Survey

Hygroscopic salts

Know you hygroscopic salts from rising damp, leak, penetrating damp or standard condensation. You’ll start find hygroscopic salts everywhere.


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Why is my wall damp?

What causes dampness & what can I do to stop damp? Determine what source(s) of water could be in contact. Rainwater, Mains or wastewater leak, Groundwater, Vapour – condensation the most common cause of damp. Top 10 tips for finding and stopping damp Log humidity over a week. Check that ventilation is sufficient. Look for …

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