Decking is a popular way of merging the rear of a property with the garden. However, it can cause rain water to splash above the damp proof course inot a house and or reduce the airflow onto a wall.

Tips for fixing damp caused by decking

  1. Remove the decking.
  2. Ensure that the air can flow freely under the decking, so that any moisture that falls onto the wall safely evaporates away.
  3. Install an impermeable surface about 500mm+ above the decking, such as with impermeable render.
  4. Look at where rain water is splashing during a heavy storm (or by spraying with a hose) and paint on that wall with a coating to reduce absorption.
    • It can be done with an oil or acrylic based paint. However, you may need to repaint regularly.
    • Probably the best method is using a low absorption silicate such as found in StormDry (3L £89.99 follow instructions) – manufactured by the chairman of the Property Care Association – (PCA).
  5. Insert a vertical line of damp proofing using a Dryrod Damp Proofing Rods (also manufactured by PCA chairman, follow instructions).

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