Drying clothes

It’s an issue we all must face, especially small houses in big cities.

Roughly 1/2 Lt of water is released per person per day from drying clothes. In many instances it is the primary cause of mould and condensation in a property.

Surveyor tip

  1. Clearly it is better for the internal and external environment to dry clothes otherside. Bt that is not always practicle.
  2. If you can dry clothes in a tumber dryer. The estimated cost of running a tumble drier is less than 10p per cycle. The estimated cost of removing the equivalent humid air after drying clothes by a radiator is about 50p, so it is cheaper to run a tumble drier.
  3. An alternative is to dry clothes in a room with ventilation, such as a bathroom, with a vent running, or window open, and door closed.
  4. Please don’t dry clothes on radiators, or heated clothes racks. That just speeds up the process of moving water from clothes to the damp wall.

A hybrid solution is to dry clothes outside or in a bathroom, until they are nearly dry, with a last boost on or near a radiator.

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