Blocked gutters are one of the most common causes of penetrating damp and often cause rising damp like symptoms.

Moss, tennis balls, plastic tops, leafs etc can block gutters and down-pipes.

Surveyor tip

  1. A damp surveyor may be able to spot evidence of water overflowing or a risk. However, there is nothing like seeing the flow of rainwater during a rainstorm. Issues can be seen that are not apparent on a dry day.
  2. Use an extendable mono-pole if you can see from ground or top floor level.
  3. Buy:
    • half round gutter cleaning scraper (our square depending on the gutter)
    • angle Adapter
    • L.G Harris 731 5m Premier Extension Pole
  4. Gutter clearer are excellent, but nothing beats scaffolding, a platform or ladder (with care) for access to scoop out the offing item.
Gutter leak

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