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Surveyor tips to help identify the rot cause of issues and improve outcomes.

TIP: anti-condensation paint

Anti-condensation paint. Consider painting anti-condensation (e.g. DryZone by Safeguard on Amazon 5L £53.70) or anti-mould paint onto walls vulnerable to condensation or mould (top coat only).

TIP: render and window sill cracks

Render and window sill cracks. Instruct a general builder to rake out and fill render and windowsill cracks – an external acrylic caulk for small gaps, a similar material to the original for larger gaps (>1-2mm) often lime, cement-based mortar for newer re

TIP: dehumidifier

Dehumidifier. Consider using a dehumidifier, see Which! Guide; such as Inventor EVA II Pro 20L R290; £179 ideally buy one with a continous function draining into a sink

TIP: WIFI thermostat

WIFI thermostat. Consider installing a modern WIFI connected thermostat, with multiple heat settings, so as to ensure the wall temperature doesn’t drop below the dew point. With Nest you can pick up humidity readings remotely, but need to use a laser therm

TIP: rainwater goods should be cleared regularly

Rainwater goods should be cleared regularly. Gullies and drains should be checked every 6 months, by pouring water down them. Fill cracks in and around the gulley with a cement based mortar (making sure not to blocked the drain). There is a risk of a broke

TIP: insulation

Insulation. Consider installing such as thermal insulating plasterboard, thermal lining paper, such as wallrock thermal liner or Sempatap thermal solid wall insulation to cold surfaces – check fire regulations and manufacturer compliance.