Tooltip Categories: TIPS

Surveyor tips to help identify the rot cause of issues and improve outcomes.

TIP: property management

Property management. Observe and photo or film around the property during a rainstorm to see where water flows, making sure water flows/drains away from the building.

TIP: dry wall

Dry wall. Use at least two fans to speed up process of drying out damp wall.

TIP: kitchen extractor fan

Kitchen extractor fan. Consider instructing general builder to duct out kitchen extractor fan – using rigid ducting. Hoover HGM600X (£149) has a Which! Best buy.

TIP: active woodworm is unlikely

Active woodworm is unlikely. It is highly unlikely that the woodworm is active, there are no signs of activity such as frass (larval excretion) below the hole. However, the cost of woodworm treatment is low, so consider spraying around timber with holes to