TIP: continuous flow fans

Information about continuous flow extractor fans.

The main benefits are:

  1. quiet, so less likely to be turned off at night,
  2. draws air constantly out at about 5l/s so not as badly affected by ducting issues,
  3. helps facilitate clothes drying in bathrooms,
  4. reduces humidity during night when condensation and mould risk at is greatest,
  5. modest thermal loss (equates to about £50 per year),
  6. it works, but like any fan, needs cleaning and checking and especially for landlrods,
  7. should be used along side monitors eg. thermostat or dataloggers to check on performance,
  8. easy to install either new, but
    • use an electrician, or in place of an existing fan
    • so long as that fan is light switch operated with an overrun, that is the fan runs after lights are switched off.
    • If no overrun in the existing extractor fan, then you will probably need an electrician to feed an additional cable.

Elta Mori – dMEV – available on Amazon and other retailers

We have no commercial interest, but have tried and like this product.

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