damp mould rot

Find it! Fix it! Don’t forget it!
Fix damp at source!
For damp, the fix is normally the easy part.



Find and remove source of water. Mould, rot & damp will disappear. Blocking symptoms is short-term.


Damaged drain, gutter, tile, render, leaking mains, waste or condensation are often easy to fix.


Job done, sleep easy, but keep an eye on it just incase. We’ll show you how to make sure nothing returns.


Simon Hichens

RICS Expert Witness & PCA Certificated Surveyor of Timber and Dampness in Buildings. I survey about 25 damp properties every month for homebuyers, vendors, owners landlords and provide remote support for the simpler issues.

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This site is packed full of example damp issues from many properties across UK. Help yourself. Maybe you can solve damp with consultation.

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RICS homebuyers surveys and PCA damp & timber surveys or quotes for work, reviewed, tested against good practice and validated.

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Your problem could be easy and inexpensive to fix. Find out first with a 121 video consultancy. Money back satisfaction guarantee.