About Surveyor Tips

Surveyor tips was set up to:
– encourage surveyors to follow the root cause approach
– help buyers & owners unable or unwilling to wait for a full survey
– increase to reach geographically and to both smaller issues.

In our opinion there is 

  • There is a scarcity of evidence based advice for surveyors, especially damp, and almost no sharing of tips between each other, property experts and homeowners.
  • We hope to start the conversation.
  • Our initial focus is residential damp surveying and remedies.
  • Damp is the greatest concern to property buyers, yet few surveyors are experts at tracing damp to its root cause. Most will recommend a contractor quote for work.
  • We welcome expert opinion on damp and other areas of concern to surveyors and homeowners.

Top tips

Read through our advice, given freely and please add to it.

  1. Consider adding to the knowledge base – you are welcome to disagree.
  2. Consider sharing your tips.
  3. Consider joining the panel of experts in different fields. We are keen to have on our panel:
    • structural engineer,
    • property developer,
    • expert landlord,
    • serial buyer,
    • builder,