The carbon dioxide levels were high, this suggests that windows are not being opened enough.

Carbon dioxide datalogger

High carbon dioxide levels are not dangerous but makes a place feel “stuffy”. It is a sign that there is insufficient fresh air entering a property. A meter reading over 1,000ppm is high, roughly double the normal levels of 500ppm. CO2 meters are a good way on encouraging occupiers to take care more interest in ventilation than they might otherwise do.

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  • Tzutgether Indoor CO2 Meter £89 Amazon.
  • Tzutgether is a datalogger, so stores values (if plugged in).
  • It takes about 10 minutes for a high reading of 1000ppm to drop to normal levels of 500ppm by simply opening a bedroom door.
  • So consider starting a damp survey with a CO2 meter, and relate back the likely reading to the client, base of ventilation levels that occured at the start of the survey.

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