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Builder can't guarantee to fix the problem

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I had a Builder (Which - Trusted Traders) round yesterday to give me a quote for the work you’ve recommended to be done. Unfortunately his advice wasn’t what I expected to hear. He doesn’t think one shower a day would cause this level of dampness. He said the work can be done but he couldn’t guarantee it will cure the problem. So I asked him what did he think I should do and he said he didn’t know.
In the meantime I have to check with the Freeholders if he would be allowed to drill the Kitchen wall to install the extractor fan. I still need the Extractor fans fitted, but don’t want to end up with the same problems next winter.

I desperately need your advice.
At your earliest convenience  can you please advise me where you think I should go from here?

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Hi, thank you for your email.
A few considerations for your builder:
  • It is not just the 1/2L of vapour a day from a shower, but respiration 3/4L, cooking 1/4L and drying clothes 1/2L.
  • A shower a day could cause considerable mould and condensation by itself, if there is insufficient ventilation.
    • In simple terms; vapour production must be compensated for by ventilation, otherwise you’ll have mould and condensation.
  • There would be a risk of mould even if you didn’t shower, because humid air is being trapped behind the curtain and there is insufficient heat by the front door. 
  • Additionally there are areas of heat loss above the ceiling from poor insolation (which I rearranged).
  • What else does he think is causing the mould - I shouldn’t invite the question as I know the answer is; none.
With respect, I don’t think you have found the right builder for your needs.



There can never be a guarantee against mould and condensation. 
However, people that follow my recommendations typically reduce humidity between 10 - 30%, enough to stop mould growth.
Your property was interesting because of the effects of the underfloor heating, curtains and unducted vent, but it was not especially complicated.
I look forward to receiving the data back from the datalogger I left, that should help reveal when excess vapour is generated.
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Thanks very much for your quick response.

I will have to try another Builder and see what they have to say.
I will keep you updated.