Damp – find it : fix it

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            Intro    Damp – why do we care?

            Intro 2 About Surveyors.Tips  

            Intro 3 What causes damp     

1 Vapour                                 

            1a        Condensation

            b          Hygroscopicity

            b i        Hygroscopic salts        

            1c        Relative humidity        

            1a        Dew point       

            1b        Vapour sources

            1c        Ventilation assessment

            1d        Sub-floor humidity

            1e        Interstitial condensation

            1f         Dew line          

            1g        Vapour absorption

            1h        Dehumidifiers

            1i         Mould & dust mites

            1j         Windows         

            1k        Heat balance   

            1l         Radiators         

            1m       Thermal bridging        

            11n i    Condensation in unexpected places  

            11n ii • Condensation from fridges     

            11n ii • Wine storage  

2 Rainwater                            

            2          Penetrating damp

            2a        Roof    

            2b        Gutter, rainwater goods

            2c        Perimeter drains (French drains)

            2d        Rainwater gullies & drains

            2e        Render

3 Mainswater                          

            3a        Leaks

            3b        Wastewater

            3c        Dishwasher / washing machine

            3d        Heating systems

            3e        Grey, wastewater or foul water drains

            3f         Built in water

4 Groundwater                                   

            4g        Rising damp

            4a        Standard treatment for rising damp

            4b        Structural damp proofing

            4c        Disagreement with damp proofers    

            4d        Correspondence with PCA      

            4e        Misidentified rising damp       

            4f         Rising damp treatment failures          

            4g        Risk assessment          

            4h        Reported DPC failure  

5 Timber decay                                   

            5          Wood rot

            5a        Dry rot

            5b        Wet rot

            5          Woodworm

            5a        Woodworm treatment           

6 Diagnosing damp                             

            6a        Profiling

            6b        Colour

            6c        Salts

            6d        Leak detection

            6e        Damp surveying          

            6f         Changes including lifestyle (baby)      

            6g        Visiting neighbouring properties        

            6h        Tell-tale signs of damp           

            6h i      Efflorescence  

            6h ii     Blocked gutters           

            6h iii    Knotweed, bamboo, buddleia            

            6h iv    Subsidence cracks       

            6h v     Mould growth

7 Building elements and materials                             

            7a        Walls   

            7a i      Internal renders / plaster       

            7a ii     damp proof course DPC         

            7a iii    DPM    

            7a iv     Rubble filled walls       

            7a v     Cavity wall       

            7a vi •  Cavity wall ties            

            7a vi •  Pointing           

            7a vii    Lime versus cement    

            7b        Roofs   

            7c        Floors  

            7c i       Solid floors      

            7c ii      Suspended timber floors        

            7d        Chimneys, fireplaces   

            7d i      Chimney pots  

            7d ii     Flaunching      

            7e        Embedded metal        

            7e i      Sockets            

            7e ii     Wrought iron  

            7f         Cellars

            7g        Period properties, new build  

            7h        Location: on hill, alley, off-set

8 Tools & techniques                          

            8a        Damp meters

            8b        Anemometers

            8c        Humidity meters

            8d        Hygrometer probe      

            8e        Monopole extender    

            8f         Dataloggers

            8f i       Humidity

            8f ii      Moisture

            8g        Thermometers / Infra-red

            8h        Leak tracing    

9 Remedial recommendations                                   

            9a        Ventilation      

            9a i      Building regulations    

            9a ii     Whole property          

            9a iii    Positive input  

            9a iv     Purge extractor fans   

            9a v     Sub-floor ventilation   

            9b        Penetrating damp       

            9b i      Walls   

            9b i •   Render

            9b i •   Paintwork       

            9b ii     Roof    

            9b iii    Perimeter        

            9c        Gutter leaks    

            9d        Reducing vapour         

            9d i      Tenants           

            9d ii     Owners           

            9d iii    Vendors          

            9d iv    Commercial     

            9e        Groundwater – Rising damp   

            9f         Leaks   

            9g        Follow-on surveys – CCTV drain survey         

            9h        Monitoring improvement       

            9i         Tips     

10 Treatment failures                         

            10a      Chemical damp proofing        

            10b      Positive Input Ventilation PIV

            10c      Extractors fans            

11 Other matters                                

            11a      Legal considerations   

            11a i    Hart v Large    

            11a ii   Party wall agreement

            11b      Interesting quirks        

            11b i    Damp caused by occupier intervention (tenants)      

            11b ii   Blocked vents

            11b iii Vents switched off      

            11b iv Radiators turned off   

            11c      Who to turn to if you have damp?     

            11c i     Damp surveys

            11c ii    PCA     

            11c iii   RICS     

            11c iv   chemical damp proofing contractors

            11d      Do you want to become a damp surveyor?   

            11e      Insurance claims         

            11f       Resources       

            11f i     online  

            11f ii    Drain report – local searches

            11g      Online courses – good and bad aspects          

            11h      Analysis of 1,000 damp surveys         

            11h i    Example surveys         

            11h ii   Sponsors