Kitchen extractor fan

Many people only use the kitchen extractor fan for removing smells.

Roughly 1/4 Lt of water is released per person per day from cooking and use of the kettle. This is an average. Some cooks leave a pot or kettle to boil for hours without a lid. Some on recipes require “reducing”. The cooking can be the primary cause of mould and condensation in a property.

Surveyor tip

  1. Install an externally ducted kitchen extractor fan with rigid ducting, either above the hob, or light switch operated. Hoover HGM600X (£149) has a Which! Best buy.
  2. Make sure that at least 30 l/s is extracted out of the external vent – use an anemometer to check.
  3. Check with your hands to feel for leaks such as around the hood.

While you are waiting for your new fan, ask everyone to cook with tops on pots and pans to reduce production of vapour from cooking by 80%.

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